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12 Months

Dear Cannon & Cruiz.

It’s hard to believe this was the very first picture taken of the two of you. I nearly fainted when the US tech told me I was having twins.
And who can forget your
dad's reaction?

What a journey it’s been.
Forgive me as I cry just a little as I write this. I’m not sure if the tears are due to how hard it’s been, or the fact that your first 12 months are now a blur.
Either way, lets celebrate big today,
because we made it!

(Cannon on the left, Cruiz on the right)

one month old twins two month old twins three month old twins four month old twins five month old twins six month old twins seven month old twins eight month old twins nine month old twins ten month old twins eleven month old twinstwelve month old twins 

It’s hard to believe one year ago today I was giving birth to the two of you. I was literally begging the Doctors to take you out of me, and now the two of you literally own me. Born at 35 weeks & 2 days, our 4 & 5 pound babies are now thriving busy little toddlers who can destroy our house within seconds.

As I went back through pictures the emotions all came rushing back as I remembered…

The exhausting
three weeks spent in the NICU.
Cannon, you lasted 10 days, and Cruiz, 21.
nicunicu   nicu  nicu

Becoming master feeders/swaddlers.
Seriously, your dad rocked at the swaddling, you never escaped when he swaddled.
swaddling swaddlingswaddleswaddle  
Seven months of colic.
I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to make this up to us :)
Nine months of sleepless nights.
Hungry stinkers are what you were!
twins twins
And more importantly,
it is amazing how easy it was to fall in love with both of you.

There were times I wasn’t sure why God would send anyone two babies at a time, (I was a little irrational at times) and now, there are times when I wonder the exact opposite. Having twins is wonderful, and it’s simply amazing watching the two of you interact. I hope you continue to be the best of friends.

  one year old twins   one year old twins  one year old twins one year old twins   one year old twins   

Happy Birthday Boys.
It’s difficult to express how much you mean to us.
Here’s to many more years of sweet chaos.

Get ready to party, because tonight, your party is for the entire family,
a sweet reminder that we all survived :)

Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Happy birthday! It's been so fun watching these boys grow! Thanks for sharing your life with us! I can't wait to hear if they are identical! My guess is YES!!! :)

  2. hahahaha!! Oh how I loved this! I was in your same exact shoes not to long ago!! We partied hard on there birthday. Our gils had a 20% chance of survival during my pregnancy and both were not expected to make it after they were delivered. Thank goodness the Lord had other plans and now they are healthy happy 2 year olds!!!(as of july 10th) Its crazy to think Heavenly Father thought I could handle twins but there truly is no greater joy! You made it momma!

  3. Congratulations from a stranger/faithful follower! I'm so happy that things are better at 12 months than they were at 6 :)
    Happy Birthday Boys!!!

  4. Be still my heart.....they are so darling. They came to you because they needed just the right mom. What a joy they must be for you. You have a wonderful isn't hard at all to see the love you have for your boys and your Preslee. What a year it has been for you. Party ON!!!

  5. Love this post! It made me smile :) And, probably my favorite picture of all the month pictures would be their eight month pictures. So cute :)

    <3 Ash

  6. Such a great post!! Your boys are adorable.. all 3 of them!! It is crazy how fast time goes when you have twins! My twins are almost 6 months old and I feel like it was just yesterday we came home from the NICU. Have a fun celebration! Happy Birthday boys!

  7. LOVE this post!! Happy Birthday to your little boys! I'm guessing they're identical too! :) Also, that pic of Pat holding them both as infants is still one of my faces!!!

  8. Are you going to open the test results of their dna and let us all know?

  9. Happy Birthday to your handsome little guys from a blog follower and Mom of twin girls. Congrats on surviving the first year. It truly is an accomplishment. Our twin girls turned one in May. I still feel like I'm in survival mode, but they are so much fun. It's worth it. I love following your blog and laughing at all the funny things the kids do. Reminds me so much of the girls. I wish we were in the same ward together. Playdates would be so much fun. ;) Hope you guys have a great night. Taren Morris :)

  10. Happy birthday!!! Can't wait to read the post on whether they are identical or not :) I think they are ;) they are both cuties... Handsome lil men

  11. They are the cutest twins I have ever seen!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Cannon & Cruiz!! =)

  13. Congrats and Happy First Birthday boys!! I have read your blog for years and have been touched over and over. I am now a twin mama too, so this post just gave me strength, hope, and so much joy.


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