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Christmas 2016


I’m not sure there is anything more magical than watching your kids celebrate Christmas! I truly love being a mom! Christmas Eve we had our fancy little dinner with my favorite red punch. Last year I spread the work throughout the week, but this year I did it all in one day. I vow to never to that again, it was way too much, especially with a new baby, but luckily she loves spending time in my wrap.

We ate dinner, read about Christ’s birth, sang a few Christmas songs, and then opened up Christmas pj’s, The boys were bouncing off the walls, and when we told them it was bedtime, Ledger sprinted up the stairs in record time.


I’ve always dreamed about having all my kids peacefully sleeping in the same room, waiting for Santa to come, and dreaming of sugar plums. But I learned we’re not quite to that point in life yet :) We put the boys to bed and over the next two hours, Pat and I took turns telling the boys to go to bed. Ledger was nearly in tears, begging his brothers to fall asleep before Santa chose to skip over our house, all the while Cannon and Cruiz were hanging from the bunk bed and jumping all over their room like two little monkeys at the zoo. Eventually we separated them into three different rooms and they fell asleep. Maybe, next year…

Christmas morning was incredible! Ah, it still makes me smile just thinking about it. Early that morning, the boys ran into our room with crazy hair and tired eyes and begged for us to let them go downstairs. Pat put a baby gate at the top of the stairs so they wouldn’t sneak down before we were ready. Good thing, because I think they would have went without us.


Ledger was sooo excited when he saw Santa brought him a Tortuga, a Wild Krattz toy. He dove right down to grab it and immediately started yelling with excitement! Cruiz hopped on his bike and just beamed, and Cannon found a chocolate that had fallen out of his stocking and was totally content with it. haha He seriously was giddy over a Hershey's chocolate.


We opened presents, ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and hurried to get to church on time. Christmas Eve we went to bed with very little snow, and woke up the next morning to so much! Pat shoveled half the driveway for over an hour, and after watching a couple of cars get stuck, we gunned it down the road, (The snow plow hadn’t made it down our street yet). But we made it, and received a special Christmas message at church. I’m so happy we were able to go.


Our original plan was to head to Idaho on the 26th, but due to a high expected snow fall, we chose to take off Christmas evening. The boys were so excited to see my parents and Uncle Rhett!

I hope to never forget the incredible memories we’re making at this stage of life. The boys are growing up so fast, and we’re trying to hold onto every moment we have with them.


Without a doubt, the best gift we received this year was by far little Oaklee. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it made me to have a little girl in my arms, along with pink toys under the Christmas tree again. I’ll never take for granted buying a Christmas dress and matching bow. She certainly made this Christmas special as I was able to reflect about Mary holding her own newborn so long ago. And in the quiet moments, I think Preslee was near. Having a little one in heaven, truly changes how you see and experience life, and for that, I am grateful.

Now we’re on to a happy 2017! We have big plans in the works, and we’re hoping to share them with all of you soon!


North Pole Express


Oh my goodness, December was a crazy month. We had some riled up hyper boys! A few months ago, I booked tickets on the Heber City, North Pole Express. It’s a train that takes people to the North Pole. I bought tickets for December 21st, Ledger’s last day of school before break began, and we kept it a secret from the boys.The night before, I gave the kids our annual Christmas book, this year it was, The Polar Express. We read it, and traced the kids hands in the front cover and wrote their ages, (This is a fun tradition if you are looking for one). It was a hit with the boys.

The next night, we put the boys in pj’s and told them to jump in the car because we had a surprise for them. Ledger kept trying to guess where we were headed the entire drive, and when we finally arrived, and explained what we were about to do, the boys were ecstatic! Celebrating holidays with kids is literally one of the best things in life.


We climbed on board the train, where there were elves and a hot cocoa chef waiting for us. We sang songs and answered riddles with everyone on the train car. We were served hot cocoa and cookies from Mrs. Clause. When the train pulled up to the North Pole, and the boys saw Santa waving at them, they literally started screaming! Oh, it was magical! Santa came on board and gave everyone a bell, (Just like the book) and the boys were star struck.



It was the perfect way to kickoff Christmas break! The boys are still talking about.


Twins Speech

Cannon and Cruiz have been slow talkers from the beginning, and once they began talking, they conversed in twin talk, which sounds like gibberish to the rest of us.


At appointments with different pediatricians, I would ask about their speech and would always be assured they were fine, and told it’s just twin talk. But I recently began feeling that their limited speech was affecting them in more ways than one and felt they needed help in the area. So I scheduled the boys for a speech evaluation. The first step was to check their vision and hearing. Cruiz passed both with flying colors, (He had tubes placed at 11 months) Cannon passed the vision test, but barely passed his hearing, they noticed there was one frequency he wasn’t responding too. We were then referred to an ENT, where we learned Cannon needed tubes put in his ears, and both boys were tongue tied! (I had never heard of this). Tongue-tie means they have an unusually short band of tissue tethers the bottom of the tongue's tip to the floor of the mouth. When he asked the boys to put their tongue to the top of their mouth, they couldn’t, their tongue just twisted. So surgery was scheduled to place tubes in Cannon’s ears, take Cruiz’s tubes out, and clip both of their tongues.

We arrived at Primary Children’s Hospital at 6:30 am. The boys were so sweet, and had everyone loving the fact they were identical twins. A couple hours later, Cannon was taken back, and thirty minutes later, Cruiz was taken to have the procedure done.

IMG_1259FullSizeRender (1)IMG_1780
Cannon, Cruiz

IMG_1299FullSizeRender (3)IMG_1275IMG_1283

I love their different personalities. Cannon chose to be taken back in a car and a candy cane smell in his mask, and Cruiz chose a wagon and banana smell.

Cannon woke up hysterical. He was angry and began thrashing, and literally cried for an hour. He would rarely talk, but kept pointing to his mouth. Poor little guy.

 FullSizeRender (2)

We were nervous for Cruiz to wake up across the hall, two hysterical toddlers seemed overwhelming, but to our surprise, he woke up with the biggest smile on his face. He was as happy as could be the entire time, laid with his hands behind his head, enjoyed a show while his dad fed him a slushie.



It has now been a few weeks since the procedure and we’ve been surprised how quickly it has helped the boys with their speech. They both had 4-5 dissolvable stitches under their tongue, and Cannon’s tongue tie was quite a bit worse. The first couple of days they drooled a little bit, and spoke like they had a numb mouth, but after that they’ve been fine. When we saw family at Christmas, they commented on how much better they could understand them, especially Cruiz.

I’m so happy I listened to my gut, here’s to hoping we get these two talking better quickly!


Merry Christmas!

christmas card 2016

PC: Heather Pickett Photography

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. We genuinely love and appreciate every single one of you who continue to check in on our family.

As Christmas day approaches, I’m reminded of {this post} I wrote a couple of years ago. As I feed my baby in front of the Christmas tree for the last time, I’m filled with a deep love for Mary. Having a new baby at Christmas time is one of the sweetest gifts there is.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our savior.

The Sullengers



Motherhood. It’s often a beautiful mess, isn’t it?

Having four kids has rocked my world. It’s the first time breastfeeding has went well (Yay!), but while I feed, (all day, every day) the boys destroy…everything in sight.

IMG_0161 (1)

I’m not writing this looking for pity, but rather just documenting life. These are often my favorite posts to read back on when enough time has passed that I can actually laugh :)


Last week I hurried to get Ledger to school on time, I ushered four kids into the car along with Pog and miraculously made it right as the bell rang. We waved goodbye to Ledger and zoomed off to take Pog to the groomers to be shaved. (If you have a pug, shave it, you can thank me later Smile )


I parked the car, and struggled getting the twins, Oaklee, and Pog out of the car. As we were just a few steps away from the pet shop, Pog yanked and broke ff her collar. She immediately took off running in the parking lot. (Sound familiar?) I hurried and shoved the twins inside the pet store, (There wasn’t anyone in sight) and put Oaklee’s carrier down by them and ran after Pog. About ten minutes later, and with the help of a complete stranger, and a man glaring at me from inside his truck because he didn’t dare drive in fear of running over Pog, I finally caught the dog and carried her into the pet store, where I found Cannon and Cruiz screaming.

In their gibberish twin talk they both were yelling, “The animals are loose! The animals are loose!” There was still no one else in sight, other than a cat walking towards them and a couple parrots squawking on top of their cages. They were terrified. I walked right past the boys and took Pog back to the groomer who chastised me for not having her on a leash. We left as quickly as we could after telling the groomer she could keep our dog.

Later that afternoon, as I was cutting one of the boys hair in the upstairs bathroom, I heard screaming and found two of the boys trying to hide under Oaklee’s crib, as I tried to interpret their words in between their screams, I realized they thought our house was flooding and we were all going to die… 



(This picture doesn’t do it justice, I really couldn’t believe how deep the water was.)

I dropped the clippers, and ran downstairs and found toilet water gushing out and filling the bathroom along with the next room over. I later learned they had dropped an entire roll of toilet paper in the water and tried to flush/stuff it down with the plunger. I waded through the water on the ground to turn off the pipes to the toilet, all while Cruiz screamed, “I’m scurrred! I’m scurred!” (This isn’t the first time, about a year ago, the twins stuffed a rag down the toilet and Ledger excitedly came to tell me the twins had made a splash pad in our house!)

I’m proud to say, I got the water cleaned up, (It took every towel we owned) finished the haircut, showered the boys, and said forget about dinner, mac and cheese will do, all before Pat came home.

This has been what life looks like starting about two weeks after bringing Oaklee home. These boys are testing every ounce of my being, but each day we somehow make it through the day, and Pat is literally my savior when he walks through the door. He usually has me laughing about my crazy day within minutes.


Motherhood…it’s messy and beautiful all at the same time. At the end of the day, I sure am lucky to experience it. I truly love it, the floods and all. Over the next few months everything in our home might be destroyed, but we have each other, and that’s all we really need.

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