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Speech Therapy


After Cannon and Cruiz had their tongues clipped, the next step was to get them into speech. They’re currently enrolled in a weekly speech class through the school district and are thrilled about it.


Their first class was this week, and they were so excited, especially since they were able to wear backpacks and came home with homework, just like their big brother.

As you can see below, they were a little nervous leaving me for the first time, especially my tender hearted Cruiz. But all went well, and they both came walking back to the car with big smiles. I love being a mom, and being able to be apart of each and every milestone. Here’s to hoping we see some improvements in their speech.



Oaklee’s Blessing

On February 5th we blessed Oaklee Grace. It was such a special day celebrating our little girl.

IMG_0073 copy (1)

I decided to use the same blessing dress that my Grandma Wightman made for my blessing, (29 years ago) and the same dress we blessed Preslee in, (Eight years ago, you can see it here). Using the same dress for both of our girls made for a sweet experience.

Though I love the similarities between both of our girls, I wanted to make the day her own, so I ordered a different bow, and some cute accessories, to change it up a little bit. The blanket below was knitted by my Grandma Siddoway, and has been used for all of my kids on their blessing days.


We blessed Oaklee in Sacrament meeting, and her dad, Grandpa Sullenger, Grandpa Siddoway, Uncle Jamie, Uncle Dustin, Uncle Rhett, and Bishop Gunnerson stood in the circle.The twins were a little loud during the blessing, they were confused why everyone had walked up to the front, and were jabbering on about it. But I tried my best to quiet them down and listen to what Pat was saying. It was a little bit of a struggle to hear, but I did notice the words joy and happiness were repeated throughout the blessing, which I thought was fitting because that is exactly what she has brought to our family. After the meeting, both my dad and father-in-law mentioned that Oaklee thought Pat was talking right to her, so she stared and grinned at Pat through the entire time.

We came back to our place and had small brunch that consisted of yogurt parfaits, sausage, donut holes, muffins, fruit, and juice. It’s always fun to have both sides of our families together.


I’m so grateful for the gospel, a loving husband who has the priesthood, and for a supportive family who all drove over three hours to celebrate our sweet Oaklee. Once again, each stage is bittersweet when it’s your last, and I’m holding on to every moment with her.

A big thanks to my SIL, Alisha for taking the pictures below. It’s fun to be in the pictures every once in awhile.

IMG_0029 copywarmerIMG_0105 copyIMG_0016 copyIMG_0149 copyIMG_9998 copyIMG_9987 copy1

We love you Oaklee.


We Want to Hear From You!



With some big changes happening behind the scenes, it has left us thinking about our readers. We love each and every one of you, and would love your input.

What would you like to see on this blog?

If you would help us by filling out with a simple two question survey (It’s super quick, we promise!) about what you would like to see on this blog, we would be incredibly grateful! We have some ideas, but would love your input as well.

Click {here} for the form.

Thank you!



Our Girls and Their Pigs

I was changing Oaklee out of her pj’s a few days ago, and Ledger handed her a stuffed pig that had belonged to Preslee. As Oaklee was playing with it, I had a total flashback to Preslee at the same age. I couldn’t help but snap a picture.

Ah, I can’t help but love both of these girls. Both girls are three months in the pictures.





They look a little bit a like, don’t they?



This post is sponsored by Bookroo, all opinions are my own. 


I recently discovered something that makes my elementary educated heart incredibly happy. If there’s anything I’m more than happy about investing in, its books for my kids to read. We do a lot of reading in our home, and to help with the process, we recently discovered Bookroo. And I think we’re officially hooked.

What is it?

Bookroo is a subscription - based box service that sends either three board books or two picture books right to you door step each month. The combined retail value of the books always exceeds the subscription price!

Bookroo looks for hidden gems to send in their boxes, rather than the classics you may already know about or can easily discover. Their books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids.

The cost of one box is $17.99 + $5SH for 1 month; $16.66 + $5SH for 3 months; $16.33 + $5SH for 6 months; and $15.99 + $5SH for 12 months.

Inside the Box:

Once the box was opened, we found two picture books wrapped in fun wrapping paper, along with a card telling a little about each book. Cannon and Cruiz were thrilled they were both able to open up a present, which made them feel like the books were special, and they’ve taken really good care of them. I’m grateful, because they can be a little rough on things.

My Opinion:
Its been one week since we opened our Bookroo subscription box, and both books have been read multiple times. My boys have really liked them, and Cannon keeps asking if we can go on an adventure each day :) My favorite part about this service is that I’m pretty sure I would have never stumbled across these books by myself, but they will now be apart of our collection for life.


I actually looked up the cost of both books on Amazon, and learned the subscription box is a couple dollars cheaper than buying them separately! This made me more than happy to continue my subscription for my kids. And I can’t help but think this would make the cutest gift for any child!


If you are interested in trying Bookroo for your family, {here} is a 20% discount for their 1 or 3 month subscriptions.

Happy reading!

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