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Thank You!

We just want to say THANK YOU! We recently asked people to fill out a simple two question survey asking what type of posts you enjoy, and what  you hope to learn from this blog.

We were blown away with how many responses we received! We read through hundreds of comments.  And I can honestly say many of the comments said some of the nicest things we’ve ever been told. A lot of them made me cry.

Thank you. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for being apart of our family. There’s so much to love about all of you, and we are truly blessed to have you apart of our lives.

I’m excited for the future, your comments were reassuring, and at the same time, have given me motivation for some pretty real and honest posts. Thank you for sticking with us for so many years, we truly are the lucky ones.


The Sullengers


A Solution to Preserving Childrens Artwork

The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.Finger paintsEd_thumb[2]

I recently asked what kind of posts you, as readers, enjoy most. (Thank you to those who commented, I was blown away!) I was surprised by the amount of comments saying how much they enjoy when I share products I love, or things that make my life easier as a mom. So I thought every now and then I’ll share what I really enjoy and this is one of those items that makes my life easier in the mom department.

Losing a child has affected me in more ways than one. Ever since Preslee died, I’ve struggled letting go of two things—my kids clothing and their artwork. I treasure the blanket made from Preslee’s outfits, and I love that we have her first finger-painting hanging on the wall. Pat lovingly reminds me we can’t keep everything forever, but I still struggle parting with my kids’ possessions. And lets face it, the pieces I do throw away, Ledger tends to find in the garbage and pulls them right back out. :)


(Ledger literally hangs upevery picture he colors/draws. I’m constantly taking them down and trying to figure out what to do with my favorites.)

Not long ago, I discovered a way to save my kids artwork without the clutter. (Pat is so happy!) Keepy is an app which I absolutely love! It enables me to store and organize special memories of my kids forever. I can add drawings, photos, and even videos, as often as I like.

Keepy has some fun features. Not only are the cropping/editing tools easy to use, but my favorite detail is that it allows my kids to record a description of their work in the form of an audio file. That means I get to hear their cute little voices forever! I can also privately share their artwork with close family and friends. It’s pretty neat that my boys can show off their artwork to their grandparents who live in a different state.

You can also combine the pictures and print off a high resolution photo book, which means I no longer feel like I have to hoard all of my kids artwork. I love that all their important papers will be stored in one place.


Keepy is available to download in the App Store, Google Play, and on the Kindle Fire. You can upload 5 videos or photos per month for free! (Or you can upgrade for unlimited storage for $2.99/month or just $9.99 a year)  

Whether you’ve lost a child, or a mom who loves to hold on to memories like I do, I genuinely hope you will appreciate preserving and storing your kids masterpieces all in one place as much as I do.


Speech Therapy


After Cannon and Cruiz had their tongues clipped, the next step was to get them into speech. They’re currently enrolled in a weekly speech class through the school district and are thrilled about it.


Their first class was this week, and they were so excited, especially since they were able to wear backpacks and came home with homework, just like their big brother.

As you can see below, they were a little nervous leaving me for the first time, especially my tender hearted Cruiz. But all went well, and they both came walking back to the car with big smiles. I love being a mom, and being able to be apart of each and every milestone. Here’s to hoping we see some improvements in their speech.



Oaklee’s Blessing

On February 5th we blessed Oaklee Grace. It was such a special day celebrating our little girl.

IMG_0073 copy (1)

I decided to use the same blessing dress that my Grandma Wightman made for my blessing, (29 years ago) and the same dress we blessed Preslee in, (Eight years ago, you can see it here). Using the same dress for both of our girls made for a sweet experience.

Though I love the similarities between both of our girls, I wanted to make the day her own, so I ordered a different bow, and some cute accessories, to change it up a little bit. The blanket below was knitted by my Grandma Siddoway, and has been used for all of my kids on their blessing days.


We blessed Oaklee in Sacrament meeting, and her dad, Grandpa Sullenger, Grandpa Siddoway, Uncle Jamie, Uncle Dustin, Uncle Rhett, and Bishop Gunnerson stood in the circle.The twins were a little loud during the blessing, they were confused why everyone had walked up to the front, and were jabbering on about it. But I tried my best to quiet them down and listen to what Pat was saying. It was a little bit of a struggle to hear, but I did notice the words joy and happiness were repeated throughout the blessing, which I thought was fitting because that is exactly what she has brought to our family. After the meeting, both my dad and father-in-law mentioned that Oaklee thought Pat was talking right to her, so she stared and grinned at Pat through the entire time.

We came back to our place and had small brunch that consisted of yogurt parfaits, sausage, donut holes, muffins, fruit, and juice. It’s always fun to have both sides of our families together.


I’m so grateful for the gospel, a loving husband who has the priesthood, and for a supportive family who all drove over three hours to celebrate our sweet Oaklee. Once again, each stage is bittersweet when it’s your last, and I’m holding on to every moment with her.

A big thanks to my SIL, Alisha for taking the pictures below. It’s fun to be in the pictures every once in awhile.

IMG_0029 copywarmerIMG_0105 copyIMG_0016 copyIMG_0149 copyIMG_9998 copyIMG_9987 copy1

We love you Oaklee.


We Want to Hear From You!



With some big changes happening behind the scenes, it has left us thinking about our readers. We love each and every one of you, and would love your input.

What would you like to see on this blog?

If you would help us by filling out with a simple two question survey (It’s super quick, we promise!) about what you would like to see on this blog, we would be incredibly grateful! We have some ideas, but would love your input as well.

Click {here} for the form.

Thank you!


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