Pinch Me



  • Pat has a good job.
  • I get to stay at home with three boys.
  • We have a dishwasher!
  • A garage.
  • Ledger has his own room.
  • We have a fenced in yard.
  • We love being so close to the mountains!
  • And did I mention Target is only 8 min away? 

We're all smiles here in UT. 

Cottonwood Heights

We definitely feel like we are in the right place at the right time.

Pinch me.
We're blessed.



Rigby, ID




I’m sure you’ve noticed there has been little posting…here’s why!

  • The weather has been weirdly amazing this year, so we ran like crazy to get our Sno Shack open about a month earlier than usual. That included painting, replacing the floor, interviews (Nearly 20 girls) and a whole lot more. For about a week straight my boys saw very little of me.
  • Pat and I were fortunate enough to spend 8 days in Kauai! It was unreal, and something we will never forget. We cannot wait to explain the meaning behind all of it.(Next post, stay tuned!) We even left our kids at home… a big milestone for us :)
  • We were recently made an offer on our shack, and decided it was time to sell. Today we handed everything over, (I’ll admit I got quite sentimental, I’ve ran that shack for the past 9 years!) But for a few days it took all our energy to get everything ready for the new owners.
  • Have you ever left your kids for 8 days? They are pretty attached to your hip when you get back. I’ve been trying to balance lots of cuddle time and work. The boys usually win. :)
  • We move this Saturday! Cottonwood Heights, here we come! Can you believe it? It seemed so far away, and now it’s here! We just started packing today, (We’ve got a lot left to do) I’m desperately trying to stay in vacation mode, and not let the stress take over. Wish us luck!

There’s a lot of change taking place in our lives right now, and though we’re excited, the thought of leaving the place Preslee lived her life is more difficult than I thought it would be. As I’ve been packing up, it’s been bittersweet to find little reminders tucked away in boxes and bags in our basement. But I can honestly say the experiences in Hawaii have helped immensely. Our Heavenly Father is very aware of our needs.

Workout Favorites


Spring has sprung, which means one thing in my book...triathlon training! I’m not sure how training will go living in UT, I’m going to miss the long country roads with very few cars on them here in Idaho, but I’m hoping I’ll find some new riding places I like just as much in UT. Over the past few years I’ve definitely found workout gear that makes training a little more comfortable and easier and I thought I’d share my favorites.

Note: I’m not advertising for any company, I’m truly sharing my favorites.

workout faves png 1. Headband - I’ve tried quite a few headbands, but this Under Armour band is my favorite. I actually wish I had more than one, (I’m sure I’ll order the other colors). It fits well, stays in place, and I don’t get hot while wearing it.

2. Shoes - Buying running shoes for me is usually an expensive guess, hoping that once I actually run in them, that I will like them. Last year I bought these Under Armour shoes and fell in LOVE with them. I’ve never liked any pair of shoes as much as these babies.  I have bad knees, (Three knee surgeries) and have tried sooo many different kinds of shoes, and last year was the first year in my entire life that my knees didn’t bother me. I couldn’t believe it and I credit it to the shoes. They are super lightweight, breathe well, fit my narrow feet, and have held up extremely well for all the miles I put on them. I have last years model, and just bought the ones pictured. And the hubby loves his pair as much as I do. 

3. Water Bottle - I bought two of these water bottles at a bike shop for biking and never realized I could love a water bottle so much. I now take one of them to the gym with me every night. What I like about it is that squirts a good amount of water into my mouth with force. Therefore, it makes getting a drink easier and faster. And the pink is a cute touch :) 

4. Shorts-  Pat bought me these shorts awhile back and to my surprise I have loved them. Yes, another Under Armour item, (last one, I promise!) When ordering, there were three lengths to choose from, (I went with the 5 inch) which makes it nice for all leg lengths. For the most part, they stay in place well. I think they will make a great alternate for triathlon training shorts, they’ll be easy to swim in, and then jump on a bike.

5. Tank - After having the twins, (and still) my stomach isn’t what it used to be. I found these tanks from Old Navy that help hide the little post partum pooch so many of us have. They cinch at the bottom and don’t fit super tight. If you watch Old Navy, they put them on sale quite often, and you can grab them for under $10.

6. Watch - Last fall I splurged on a polar watch. Their cheaper model {here} is quite popular, but I wanted my watch to have a timer and be waterproof so I could also time while I swam. I caught this model on a great sale on Amazon and have loved it. It comes with a heart rate strap to track calories burned, and has everything but a GPS. (I went back and forth on the GPS for a long time) Pat is currently looking for one, and we noticed the newer models that were just released almost all have the features I was looking for. I highly recommend investing in a watch, its changed how I workout.

7. Headphones - Pat bought me these wireless headphones (in white) for Christmas and I love not being connected to my phone at the gym. I can put my phone down a few feet away from me and workout without worrying about attaching my phone to me. There is volume control on the right ear piece, along with a button to change the songs. I’m sure there are nicer wireless headphones out there, but for the price we paid, I’ve enjoyed them.

Driggs Day Trip


Amongst the chaos of gearing up for a big move and a big vaca coming up next week, (Yes, Pat and I had a vacation planned before the new job, and we are leaving the kids behind…eek!) we were able to make it up to Driggs, ID to spend the day with family. My brother and his family drove up from Boise for the week. We were excited to see them, it had been months since the last time we had been together.

After lunch, we drove to Jackson Hole, WY to swim at their aquatic center. We love it there. Our boys haven’t been swimming since last summer, so the twins didn’t remember a swimming pool. They freaked when we first put them in the water, but after watching all the other kids, their fears eventually disappeared and they both turned into daredevils themselves. I realized how difficult having twin toddlers is going to be this summer around water. On the way home, Pat and I discussed how anxious we both felt the entire time.
Jackson Hole
Grandpa with all the grandkids. (Minus Preslee).

Jackson HoleJackson Hole Jackson Hole    Jackson HoleJackson Hole
Jackson Hole
This picture is bound to get comments… But I assure you, he couldn’t start the fire starter, and I was watching him next to the fire the entire time :) But he thought he was roasting marshmallows along with everyone else.

Jackson HoleJackson Hole   Jackson Hole Jackson HoleJackson Hole Jackson Hole

We certainly had a fun day, and realized it may get tricky to get together once we move!
Thanks Dusting and Alisha for inviting us up for the day, Ledger is still asking if we can go back.

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