Hi, we're the Sullengers - a family of six, (or seven, if you count our incredibly fat pug named Pog). Our story began in 2006, when Patrick, a lover of golf and probably the most loyal Detroit Lions fan out there met Ashley during her first semester in college. They both grew up in rural Idaho, surrounded by an endless view of potato fields and the Tetons in the distance.

(November 2006 - first date)

Yes, it's true, it was a bold move, but Ashley asked Pat on their very first date to a concert her roommate had an extra ticket to. After hearing Pat's contagious laugh, she quickly realized that was something she wanted to hear for the rest of her life. Less than a year later, Pat purposed.

We were married 08.03.07 in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.

And a short 16 months later, added Preslee Jo into the family.

We were blessed with 18 incredible months with her, and then in July 2010, she unexpectedly fell into a canal while Pat and Ashley were on a date. She later passed away at Primary Children's Medical center in SLC, UT .

To read her story, click {here}.

 Eleven months later, our energetic Ledger (Sledgehammer) was born. We were thrilled to be parents again. We're not sure he'll ever comprehend how much he saved his parent's lives.

A year and half later, we were shocked to learn twin boys were on the way... (No, twins don't run in our family) and after an extremely long pregnancy, July 2013, Cannon and Cruiz joined our family.

(Click {here} to learn more about the twins)

We now use the blog as a way to document our crazy everyday lives raising three boys just two years apart, and continue to share our experiences with grief. 

This blog has literally changed our lives as thousands of strangers have shown our family an incredible amount of kindness over the past few years. We will forever be in debt to so many wonderful acts of kindness, and hope you feel a little bit of that same love as you read our story.

This blog is dedicated to our angel, Preslee Jo,
we write for you Monkey.

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