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Speech Therapy


After Cannon and Cruiz had their tongues clipped, the next step was to get them into speech. They’re currently enrolled in a weekly speech class through the school district and are thrilled about it.


Their first class was this week, and they were so excited, especially since they were able to wear backpacks and came home with homework, just like their big brother.

As you can see below, they were a little nervous leaving me for the first time, especially my tender hearted Cruiz. But all went well, and they both came walking back to the car with big smiles. I love being a mom, and being able to be apart of each and every milestone. Here’s to hoping we see some improvements in their speech.



  1. They are so cute! I wanna see a video of the "twin" talk!! Adorable. You'll miss their jibberish when it turns to real words! But real words are always cute too!

  2. They won't love their homework for too long! ;) Haha, I can't believe they're old enough for school! What an exciting time in their life!

  3. We do speech through the school district too. The teachers and speech therapists here have been amazing!

  4. My oldest, who is now 8, also had to have his tongue clipped and went through speech therapy because of it. It did not take him long before he was talking like crazy. I think you will notice the change quickly!

  5. Cruz & Cannon couldn't possibly get any cuter. The speech therapy will work wonders. They will really blossom and grow with their school. One of my good friends is a speech therapist for Granite School District. She is wonderful as I'm sure the twins' teachers and therapists will also be.

  6. that was so sweet. Cruiz made me cry with him. Those two are heartbreakers for sure.


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