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Red, White, & Blue

We had a wonderful hot 4th of July. On the 2nd, everyone camped out at my parents house (The twins and I went home) and Ledger loved every second of it. He thought roasting marshmallows and sleeping with Dad in a tent was about the coolest he’d ever seen.

On the 4th, we made it to the Rexburg parade. (First time in years) Ledger had a blast with cousins and Uncle Mark and even tried a few pieces of candy. We spent the afternoon at my parent’s house, and later that evening went to my Grandparents for a BBQ.

4th of july parade 4th of july parade 4th of july parade

This was the first year Pat and I could relax a little bit with Ledger running around next to a huge pond. He finally communicates and understands well enough, that after we put a life jacket on him, he was golden.

img_6530 copyimg_6638 copyimg_6549 copy  img_6538 copyimg_6554 copy  img_6580 copy img_6604 copyimg_6600 copyimg_6599 copy  img_6546 copy  img_6545 copyimg_6556 copyimg_6610 copyimg_6553 copyimg_6637 copy   

On the 5th, we had a Wightman Family Reunion. We kicked it off with running in the Color in Motion 5k which was an absolute blast! We will run in another one for sure. My mom watched the kids, and who knows how I got a clean freak child, but Ledger begged me to clean myself from the minute the race ended all the way home :)

We spent the rest of the day at my parents house. Four out of my mom’s five siblings and all their kids came. The little kids spent the afternoon in the water, and for dinner, dutch oven was served.

 color in motion 5k color in motion 5k color in motion 5kcolor in motion 5kcolor in motion 5k  color in motion 5k color in motion 5k color in motion 5k

Each person decorated a ping pong ball and raced it down the waterfall. (There’s multiple levels) My aunt Janeen won, and Cannon took 3rd!

ping pong race Fourth of July Fourth of July  Fourth of July Fourth of July Fourth of July Fourth of July Fourth of July Fourth of July

We also spent a lot of time at Patrick’s family. Our boys had so much fun playing with cousins they zonked for about two days straight!

150 163     049106 photo 1 (1) photo 1  photo 3 (1)  photo 3ed photo 2 photo 4

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!


  1. Cruiz and Cannon's faces are starting to change a bit and they look like they're starting to grow up! :) cuties. Love the idea to race ping pong balls down the creek.

  2. the twins are getting so big!! Aren't life jackets such a life saver on the mind!! I just can't depart with ours! hah


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