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Blogger Love

I’m all about sharing love, especially blogger love, and recently came across a blog that is very different from the rest. Though the story is completely different than mine, I relate to many of her words about grief, courage, and faith.

In short, the author’s name is Ashlee, a fellow Idahoan,  and she writes:

“I am a “victim” of murder. I am a victim of infidelity. I am not alone in this sentence. I have had the privilage of raising my children and helping 5 other little “victims” find faith in a world that on a cold night in March left them with none.”

Her first post was just this month, so start at the beginning, it’s worth it.

Here’s the first post.

The Moments we Stand.

Sending much love to Ashlee and her family.

Also, this little family could use your love. They lost their adorable little guy Tytan. (They are not related to Ashlee)

Visit their page here.


  1. I read everything Ashlee posted and cried lots of tears....tears for what could have and should have been and for all that she's been through and will go through. When ever I start feeling sorry for myself, I don't have to look very far to find someone who is going through such a hard difficult time. We will not know in this lifetime why some things have to happen, but they do. The other Ashlee is a strong woman....she has no other choice but to be strong for herself and her kids. I'm just so sorry she has to be THAT strong. I know from her words that she has a strong testimony of the Savior and Heavenly Father. They will be there to help her and I know somehow someday, she will find a way to be happy again. Thanks for sharing the blog. As always, you have such a good way of getting us to see and realize what's right in front of us and that we need to be grateful every single day for the things that we have and to never ever take anything for granted.

  2. As I was reading through her blog, I realized I recognized her story from Dateline. So sad, but what incredible faith.

  3. My heart breaks for her! I can not imagine dealing with all she has with little answers. I would be so angry I was angry just reading her blog post! I wish nothing but the very best for her and her beautiful kids!!!

  4. I love Ashlee's blog! She is so inspirational! My sister is good friends with her and is actually the prison who made the 'daddy blankets'

  5. I have been reading Ashlee's post for about 2 weeks now she has an amazing testimony as do you.

  6. Thank you for sharing Ashlee's blog. My heart aches for her...for her 5 babies... I hope some day she can find love and peace.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Ashlee's blog. I read it all and cried all the way. She has an amazing writing ability and has truly helped uplift me and helped me see so many things that my family has gone through over the past couple of years in a new light. I'm so thankful she has been given the strength to share her story.


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